Indian high commissioner to Pakistan returns to Islamabad

Indian high commissioner to Pakistan returns to Islamabad

At least 40 paramilitary soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked their convoy in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama district on February 14.

"The fact that Pakistan has now refused access to journalists from visiting the site means that they have plenty to hide", Indian foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters.

Despite the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India, it was revealed on Saturday that the lion's share of foreigners seeking Pakistani citizenship came from the eastern neighbour during the last 10 years.

India claimed it targeted a JEM training camp, but Pakistan denies it, adding that it does not harbor any terrorist groups.

Kumar said that India remains resolute in its determination to persuade the global community towards the necessity of compelling Pakistan to prove their commitments by showing actions rather than words.

Kumar said a recent United Nations statement also called for "perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of terrorism to be held accountable and brought to justice".

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"But till today, however, Pakistan has failed to take any credible action against JeM and other terrorist organisations, which continue to operate with impunity from Pakistan".

"This government will not allow Pakistan's land to be used for any kind of outside terrorism", Khan said while addressing a rally in southern Pakistan.

Bisaria, who had been recalled to New Delhi for consultations last month following the Pulwama terror attack, will articulate India's expectations from Pakistan with emphasis and more directly, sources added.

"India hasn't shared yet any actionable information and proof against anybody", Chaudhry said.

Chaudhry also said Khan has invited India to take part in a joint investigation and negotiations, but there had been no response from the Indian side. And Pakistan instead of taking action against terrorist groups in its soil on February 26 chose to escalate through an act of aggression by violating our air space and attempting, unsuccessfully, to target our military facilities.

Islamabad responded by shooting down two Indian warplanes and capturing a pilot, who was later returned to India as a peace gesture.

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