Captain Marvel, Marvel's first female-fronted superhero movie, conquers weekend box office

Captain Marvel, Marvel's first female-fronted superhero movie, conquers weekend box office

Wearing a kickass Captain Marvel tracksuit and sipping a soda from a cup with her own face on it, Larson dropped by the AMC theater in Clifton Commons on the opening weekend for the latest instalment of the MCU.

It did that and then some. Trade analysts are predicting that Captain Marvel will end its opening weekend with a massive collection of $160 million, easily.

Globally, "Captain Marvel" has already earned 455 million dollars, the biggest worldwide opening ever for a female-fronted film.

In terms of all films, superhero or not, Captain Marvel had the sixth-best opening weekend of all-time.

Users on social media have been posting screenshots of their local movie theaters where screenings for Captain Marvel are empty. In China alone, IMAX reported $10.4 million from 603 screens representing IMAX's biggest March opening in the market. "Captain Marvel" single-handedly chopped nearly 5 percent off that figure with a weekend that overall was up 47 percent from the same past year. How about having Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson serving you popcorn?

Audiences in the US and Canada for "Captain Marvel" were 55 percent male and 45 percent female.

But, as with pretty much every Marvel movie these days, it also has a whole bunch of Easter Eggs, references and wider allusions to the Marvel canon.

Taff declined to address "Captain Marvel" foes but applauded Marvel and Kevin Feige for propelling a movie that expanded the Marvel universe. That's in part because Marvel has such a strong track record, a hero doesn't need to be a household name to entice audiences.

"Captain Marvel" also topped the results for "Wonder Woman", the superhero movie that should have ended any prejudices about female heroes box office clout for good.

In "Captain Marvel's" case, timing isn't everything, but it certainly does help. The post-credit scene of the Infinity War surely hyped up the buzz for everyone who is waiting for Avengers: Endgame, and it had Captain Marvel connect to it.

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