Trump ex-campaign chief Paul Manafort jailed for 43 more months

Trump ex-campaign chief Paul Manafort jailed for 43 more months

Just after Paul Manafort's second sentencing in federal court, President Trump maintained that he hadn't given "a thought" to pardoning his former campaign chairman.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced 16 state charges against Manafort, including residential mortgage fraud and falsifying business records to commit fraud.

The charges, to which Manafort had pleaded guilty, were brought as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 United States presidential election. That is to say, if Manafort is convicted in New York, Trump cannot pardon him, and he could face up to 25 years in prison there.

The new state charges against Manafort stem from an investigation started by investigators in NY in March 2017, Vance said, roughly seven months before Manafort was indicted on a litany of financial crimes by the special counsel's office.

The veteran lobbyist who ran Trump's presidential campaign between March and August 2016 was targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's prosecutors in the course of their "Russiagate" probe.

Manafort pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy last year, which each carried a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The former campaign manager, soon to be 70 years old on April 1, and his wife, in her late 60s, pleaded with Jackson to show compassion and allow him to be with his wife and family for as long as possible after serving his sentence. "I do feel badly for Paul Manafort, that I can tell you".

Manafort is one of the 34 people and three companies charged by Mueller.

"He has not learned a harsh lesson", Weissmann said.

The political environment since Manafort's indictment has been "very harsh", attorney Kevin Downing told the judge. "Period", Jackson said. "Therefore, it was not resolved one way or the other in this case". The only reason for the case was Manafort's tenure as chairman of Trump's successful campaign in 2016.

Manafort asked for mercy, saying the criminal charges against him have "taken everything from me already". The sentence came ontop of a four-year sentence another federal judge imposed on Manafort weeks before.

The New York Times reported that Manafort's lawyers are likely to challenge the New York indictment by arguing it constitutes double jeopardy for crimes he has already been tried for in federal court.

"Therefore it was not resolved in this case either", Jackson said. "More suits than one man can wear", Jackson said, referring to Manafort's previous luxuries.

"What's happening today is not and can not be a review or revision of a sentence that was imposed in another court", she said.

The prosecutors are expected to do the same later in the week for Rick Gates, a Manafort business associate and former key Trump campaign aide, who pleaded guilty to fraud and lying to investigators.

Jackson ruled that Manafort should get a tougher sentence because he acted in a leadership role, directing others to participate in a crime, rejecting a defence argument that the sentencing enhancement should only apply to those who lead criminal organizations.

Manafort pleaded guilty in an agreement with Mueller's team to fully cooperate with the Russian Federation probe, but Jackson ruled he violated the terms of the plea deal by lying to investigators.

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