by | January 18, 2019 | 13:43

The automaker on Friday revealed plans to reposition the brand at the forefront of General Motors upcoming shift to electric propulsion. Silent by nature and nameless for now, Cadillac's first EV will ride on modular electric architecture shared throughout the General Motors family.

by | January 18, 2019 | 11:58

This Monday, Jan. 21, she'll have to tell Parliament what her Plan B for Brexit is - and will submit that plan to a vote on Jan. 29. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to enter talks with the PM, insisting that no discussions could take place on Brexit before the prospect of a no-deal scenario is taken off the table - a move that could create a severe split within the Tory party.

by | January 18, 2019 | 10:59

In a letter to Pelosi on Thursday, Trump said the shutdown would have to delay her trip, which was to begin Thursday. "But you've sure got people who are pushing back in their caucus, and that's striking to me", Coons said. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted: "One sophomoric response does not deserve another". The U.S. Constitution says the president "shall from time to time" deliver a state of the union address to Congress.

by | January 16, 2019 | 22:45

The president, on a conference call with supporters Tuesday, showed no signs of backing down. I would think that's their favorite food. The announcement comes as a group of bipartisan lawmakers in the Problem Solvers Caucus is scheduled to meet with the president on Wednesday to negotiate border wall funding.

by | January 16, 2019 | 22:16

She was originally vying to be on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, but moderate Democrat Tom Suozzi was selected instead. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) taunted Republican critics in a new interview by saying they should "enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda".

by | January 15, 2019 | 05:55

California's largest utility company said on Sunday its chief executive had resigned as the firm faces billions of dollars in potential liabilities tied to the state's deadly and destructive wildfires previous year. In light of today's bankruptcy announcement, the immediate focus is on ensuring that Californians continue to have safe and reliable electric and gas service, said Newsom.

by | January 12, 2019 | 11:26

Powell was also asked about the Fed's plans to keep trimming its holdings of Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities, which it had purchased following the 2008 financial crisis as a way to keep long-term interest rates low and support an economy as it struggled to climb out of the worst recession since the 1930s.

by | January 11, 2019 | 11:09

The billboard reads "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone" and is positioned outside the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tech conference in Las Vegas, right beside a monorail emblazoned with Google ads. On top of that, there have been exhibits from VR porn companies on the CES showfloor in the past, which leads to some confusion as to how the Osé meets any of the disqualifying reasons listed in the CTA's original response to Lora DiCarlo.

by | January 10, 2019 | 10:58

Stocks rallied globally on the positive tone of the talks and optimism that Washington and Beijing can avert an all-out trade war. The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 3.4 percent in the third quarter, and unemployment is at a five-decade low.

by | January 09, 2019 | 11:27

The oil prices are drawing support from an agreed supply cut by OPEC, as well as some non-member countries such as Russian Federation and Oman. The Saudi early production cut last month provided temporary support to oil prices, with both global benchmark Brent crude futures and US -benchmark, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures gaining on Tuesday.

by | January 08, 2019 | 00:40

While tax season is only a couple weeks away the IRS will still be collecting taxes, but will not be issuing any refunds until the shutdown is completely over. Refunds won't be issued until the government is reopened, which could mean trouble for those hoping to have some extra cash in February or March.

by | January 08, 2019 | 00:23

Apple may be adding a third camera to the iPhone, and this it how it might look. However, we're still at least nine months away from Apple's annual iPhone reveal, so take these images with a pinch of salt. Apple's likely to launch three variants of the iPhone in 2019: one low-end model and two high-end models. Digit speculates that the third lens will be for a 3D time-of-flight camera, the sort of thing that could give you 3D scans of objects.

by | January 07, 2019 | 06:14

The trade tensions have dragged on for almost a year and uncertainty over their outcome has dragged down stock indexes around the world. At 8:30 a.m., the Labor Department said the US economy added 312,000 jobs in December. Analysts are now taking a dim view of rising corporate earnings in light of the more challenging global environment marked by slowing global economic growth.

by | January 05, 2019 | 07:45

The State Department added that exit bans are used to force Americans to cooperate in Chinese government investigations, to "lure individuals back to China from overseas", and to help authorities resolve civil disputes "in favor of Chinese parties".

by | January 05, 2019 | 05:21

The iPhone is Apple's biggest product, accounting for about 60 percent of its revenue in the July-September quarter, the latest reported . President Donald Trump is chiming in on Apple's sales warning earlier this week, which led the company's stock to drop .

by | January 03, 2019 | 05:27

Today Netflix announced a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). What just happened? Netflix is reported to have found its new chief financial officer: Activision Blizzard's CFO. He's held various other senior executive roles at Disney, including executive vice-president of the ABC Television Network from 2001 to 2004 and CFO of the Walt Disney Internet Group from 1999 to 2001.

by | January 03, 2019 | 00:07

Hours before ringing in the new year, officers received a 911 call from a truck driver who reported that his vehicle had caught on fire. Police departments are showing their support for officers in Lexington, Ky . The Lexington Police Department replied, "Hope". A host of police officers from other departments chimed in, saying things like "Condolences from Chicago" and "Hang in there, 2019 will get better".

by | December 31, 2018 | 00:07

A source told the Times the source of the attack was a " foreign entity ". The Los Angeles Times , Chicago Tribune , Baltimore Sun and other titles belonging to Tribune Publishing suffered distribution delays on Saturday after the company detected the malware a day earlier.

by | December 29, 2018 | 16:28

A $2.8 million settlement with banking giant Wells Fargo was announced Friday by Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. Wells Fargo customers who feel they've not received adequate restitution can request a review from a bank escalation team.

by | December 29, 2018 | 03:15

Busch Boulevard in Tampa and 1602 W. Brandon Boulevard in Brandon. Bids were due Friday at 4 p.m. Suffering from falling sales and heavy debt, it planned to close 142 of about 700 stores and cut thousands of jobs. Liquidation sales at the stores should begin in two weeks, Sears said. Lampert and his hedge fund, ESL Investments Inc., also didn't respond to messages.

by | December 27, 2018 | 08:10

Following weeks of failed talks between Trump and congressional leaders, parts of the USA government shut down on Saturday, affecting about 800,000 employees of the Departments of Homeland Security, Transportation and other agencies. But Meadows said he also sees "no evidence" Democrats are about to budge. But he added of Democrats: "If they believe that this president is going to yield on this particular issue, they're misreading him".

by | December 27, 2018 | 06:41

U.S. west crude futures fell $1.07, or 2.35 percent, to reach $44.52 a barrel, up from the lowest level since September 2017 at $44.41 a barrel. Officials from Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates agreed with Saudi Arabia's expectation that the group, along with Russian Federation and other oil producers, will extend the agreement for another six months.

by | December 25, 2018 | 10:12

Christmas Day is a federal holiday every year. Stratwicks Pharmacy in Woodloes Park will be open as normal on Christmas Eve; closed on Christmas Day; closed on Boxing Day; open as normal on New Year's Eve and closed on New Year's Day .

by | December 22, 2018 | 12:26

Barring huge gains, this will be the worst December for the US market since the 1930s. Still, traders are unconvinced , which is one reason why stocks fell after the Fed's latest decision. In New York, U.S. S&P 500 Index lost 1.54 per cent to hit its lowest level since September 2017. Their huge popularity during the recent boom years in the market made them even more vulnerable when investors' mood turned sour, as it has this fall.

by | December 20, 2018 | 10:50

Social media users spoke of flights being forced to head to other United Kingdom airports, including London Heathrow, Luton and Manchester. The two drones were spotted near the runway on Wednesday, prompting the UK's second busiest airport to suspend all flights while authorities investigate the intrusion, according to The Guardian.

by | December 20, 2018 | 09:25

The Times reports that these agreements, some of which are still active today, give companies from a variety of industries more access to user data than previously known and essentially exempted partners from its privacy rules. Another problem is the timeline - numerous deals referred to were still active in 2017, and some continued into this year. FB shares have fallen after a New York Times report alleges the company shared data and even your personal messages with other tech ...

by | December 19, 2018 | 12:11

The company said none of the recalled products have tested positive for E. coli , but the company was issuing the voluntary recall in cooperation with the FDA out of an abundance of caution. The cauliflower was sold to wholesalers in IL and other states, however the lettuces were not distributed to wholesalers in IL. The red leaf lettuce was only distributed in Minnesota and Tijuana, Mexico.

by | December 18, 2018 | 11:58

The move is the latest high-profile expansion from a US tech giant, following big investments from Apple and Amazon to create new office spaces in New York, Washington, D.C., and Texas. Bottom line: NY is better off relying on its natural advantages to attract employers, and should quit offering special deals in the name of jobs. Mountain View, California-based Google's move to invest in prime real estate on the Lower West Side of Manhattan also underscores the growing importance of NY ...

by | December 14, 2018 | 09:56

Competitors include Blue Origin - founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos - and Elon Musk's SpaceX whose unmanned Falcon 9 rocket has brought supply to the International Space Station for NASA. Branson's space venture suffered a major setback in 2014 when its first space plane, VSS Enterprise , broke apart during a test flight, killing co-pilot Michael Alsbury and injuring pilot Peter Siebold.

by | December 14, 2018 | 09:05

There are finally signs of concrete moves from Beijing to back up claims from the Trump administration that China has agreed to lower tariffs on cars made in the US. USA soybean farmers had long seen China as a favorite destination-for their crops. According to President Trump, he won concessions from the Chinese President Xi Jinping when they met in Buenos Aires at the G20 Summit in the first week of December.

by | December 14, 2018 | 06:27

The farm bill passed by wide margins in the House and Senate, and several news organizations report that Trump is expected to sign it next week. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), marks a compromise between the House and Senate, which passed different pieces of legislation earlier this year in response to the #MeToo movement that exposed seedy congressmen and a broken reporting system on Capitol Hill.

by | December 13, 2018 | 21:43

Patel, who had said he was resigning for personal reasons, and his predecessor Raghuram Rajan are economists. Mr Das assured that he will hold fair, frank, and objective consultations with all stakeholders as this will add depth and value to the issues.

by | December 13, 2018 | 06:22

NOGUCHI: Oil prices were up about 4 percent on the news today. Oil futures climbed Friday as members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and their allies reached an agreement to curb production starting in January, easing worries about a potential global glut of crude supplies and helping to lift prices up by more than 3% for the week.

by | December 11, 2018 | 01:43

Patel tendered his resignation citing personal reasons. Tensions between the RBI and government spilled into the public domain after the RBI Deputy Governor Viral V Acharya stated that undermining the central bank's independence could be "potentially catastrophic".

by | December 11, 2018 | 01:35

China has summoned the U.S. ambassador in Beijing to protest about the detention of a senior Huawei executive in Canada after USA law enforcement officials issued a warrant for her arrest last week. Rubio and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) last February introduced the Defending U.S. Government Communications Act , which would have prohibited the U.S. government from purchasing or leasing telecommunications equipment or services from Huawei, ZTE, and their subsidiaries and affiliates.

by | December 11, 2018 | 01:17

WINTER STORM WARNINGS are in effect in many areas this evening/overnight. She said she couldn't make hot chocolates fast enough to keep up with customer demand. Roy Cooper strongly urged residents to stay off the roads, asking drivers not to put lives of first responders needlessly at risk. Snowfall could total 12 to 20 inches over the Appalachians and into the Carolinas by Monday , when the storm is expected to move off the coast, the NWS said.

by | December 11, 2018 | 00:56

Like, freedom of speech is fundamental. "Are you serious?" Stahl responds, laughing at his answer. Asked how Tesla would know if his tweets would move the market if they weren't all being read , Musk replied: "Well, I guess we might make some mistakes".

by | December 07, 2018 | 09:50

This is not the first time a Chinese technology company has found itself in hot water with the US. That's an open question at this point-but either way, it could not be more tumultuous in effect. Meng could also be fitted with electronic monitoring equipment, and the court could go so far as to order security to monitor her while she awaits a decision on extradition, lawyers said.

by | December 06, 2018 | 05:59

Meng was arrested while transferring flights in Canada . He said Meng faces extradition to the USA, and that a bail hearing has been set for Friday. "The ban was sought by Ms. Meng", McLeod said. A statement released from the company said that Meng was being detained by Canadian authorities to face "unspecified charges" in the Eastern District of NY.

by | December 05, 2018 | 04:32

Shares of major USA banks also took a dive with Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Capital One bottoming out at 52-week lows. White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said the figure was a broad benchmark that would depend on private transactions for USA goods and was subject to market conditions.

by | December 05, 2018 | 04:28

Trump, traveling home from a G20 summit in Argentina, told reporters aboard Air Force One that he would give formal notice to Congress on "terminating" NAFTA "within a relatively short period of time". Trucks move almost $385 billion in goods between the US and Mexico, and $336 billion in trade between the USA and Canada. "It helped us get to where we are", MacNaughton said at a Public Policy Forum dinner in Ottawa.

by | December 03, 2018 | 04:30

The S&P 500 index has fallen about 8 percent since early October, when Powell sounded a quite confident tone about the economy and the need for the Fed to avoid overheating. His shift follows criticism from US President Donald Trump who nominated him for the role past year. "Our gradual pace of raising interest rates has been an exercise in balancing risks", Mr Powell said.

by | December 03, 2018 | 01:47

If the latest effort encounters the same roadblocks, Trump said he will proceed with his previous plan to raise tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese products to 25 percent from 10 percent, which was to have taken effect on January 1. Trudeau asked Mr. Trump to lower the newly imposed steel and aluminum tariffs. Prior to Trump's meeting with Xi, Stanley Chao, managing director of California-based All in Consulting, which assists Western companies in developing business in Asia, told ...

by | December 01, 2018 | 14:46

With a rise in nationalist sentiment in many countries, the G20, which accounts for two-thirds of the global population, faces doubts over its ability to deal with trade tensions and other geopolitical differences among. The Kremlin said it had not been notified and only learned about it from the tweet. It's in these sessions that he's most likely to run across Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who most of the world has castigated after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

by | December 01, 2018 | 12:57

Some policymakers agreed with the idea of further rate increases, but also "expressed uncertainty about the timing". The next Fed meeting is December 18-19. "There is a lot of data to come between now and March, the most likely next opportunity for a rate hike". Nearly all Fed officials at the meeting agreed another interest rate increase was "likely to be warranted fairly soon", but also opened debate on when to pause further hikes and how to relay those plans to the public.

by | December 01, 2018 | 11:53

Despite the firmer prices, crude oil has lost nearly a third in value since early October because of an emerging supply glut following a global surge in production, including from the United States, Russia and by the Middle East-dominated Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

by | November 30, 2018 | 10:02

The prosecutors said they are looking at whether Deutsche Bank may have assisted clients to set up "Offshore-Companies" in tax havens so that funds transferred to accounts at Deutsche Bank could skirt anti-money laundering safeguards. Deutsche Bank shares fell as much as 4.7 per cent on Xetra. Deutsche Bank was among hundreds of financial institutions whose names cropped up in the media reports about the Panama Papers.

by | November 29, 2018 | 08:03

Apple is at risk of losing its title as the world's most valuable publicly traded company. According to Bloomberg , "the last time Microsoft was bigger than Apple based on market cap was in mid-2010". After becoming the CEO, Nadella refocused Microsoft on the cloud, which led to the software giant gaining market share in the fast-growing industry segment.

by | November 28, 2018 | 07:13

Donald Trump has issued a new tariff threat to China, escalating the trade war between the two countries four days before of a key meeting with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping . economy, saying it plans to spend about US$55 billion in 2018 with its US-based suppliers. Still, the company warned in September, that other items, like the Mac mini, Apple Pencil stylus, and some cables and cases, could be harmed.

by | November 28, 2018 | 03:30

GM's shares fell more than two percent in response to the attacks, as CNBC reported. President Donald Trump said the White House was looking at cutting federal subsidies for General Motors after the largest US automaker said it would halt production at five plants in North America and lay off thousands of workers.