by | September 03, 2018 | 21:26

Gun shots were fired Sunday afternoon near the Del Mar race track north of San Diego . "Deputies engaged and returned fire". The sheriff's department said the alleged gunman shot by deputies was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.

by | September 03, 2018 | 19:00

Previously this year, Congress canceled $500 million in CSF monies to Pakistan . "This is our own money which we have used for improving regional security situation and they had to reimburse it to us", Qureshi said. Earlier he told the BBC Urdu that the principle should pay back the money to Pakistan because it was spent for a common objective to defeat militancy and create peace and stability.

by | September 02, 2018 | 11:00

Bobbitt says he has received $75,000, which was spent mostly on a camper and SUV, while McClure and D'Amico say they gave him around $200,000. Bobbitt, a former Marine and first responder, spent his last $20 to help McClure buy gas after her vehicle broke down on the I-95 exit ramp near Philadelphia.

by | September 02, 2018 | 10:59

The service unfolded at North Baptist Church after a motorcade bearing McCain's body made its way from the state Capitol past Arizonans waving American flags and campaign-style signs for the lawmaker. On Friday, McCain will become only the 31st person to lie in state in the US Capitol, a rare honor reserved for government officials and military officers.

by | August 31, 2018 | 22:01

He's, I think, staking his race on quite frankly, on following Trump's playbook". DeSantis said Gillum was "articulate spokesman" for "far left views". "When they're talking to another individual they seem to be reluctant to say they're supporting Trump", DeHaven-Smith noted during a 2016 appearance on the WFSU show, " It's About Florida ".

by | August 31, 2018 | 19:42

Russian Federation has given Assad crucial support throughout the seven-year war in Syria, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and uprooted millions since it began with a government crackdown on protesters in March 2011. "So that requires a constructive, effective government support and a United Nations presence". Is Russia likely to get involved again? Nusra has changed its names several times and is now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

by | August 31, 2018 | 13:50

Spencer said the 49-year-old boyfriend left a suicide note that helped authorities identify the woman . The video showed the female not wearing any pants or shoes with what appeared to be broken restraints strapped to her wrists. An investigation is now underway at the home in the 18400 block of Sunrise Pines where the 49-year-old man was found deceased. "When deputies arrived on scene they could not get an answer at the door and due to the circumstances made forced entry into the ...

by | August 30, 2018 | 20:44

Our most heartfelt sympathies go out to the families of the victims whose lives were taken today and those who were injured. I am just so sad and frustrated that people refuse to see the truth time and time again while the body count keeps increasing.

by | August 30, 2018 | 16:44

But on Wednesday, Moon's office said he was intent on working as a mediator between Kim and Trump, just as he helped broker their first meeting in June. President Trump suspended large joint U.S. The US president said he was not considering resuming joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula that Pyongyang considers "provocative".

by | August 28, 2018 | 18:59

We're both still here. "He was super real, and that's what I loved about him". He said Katz ordered a beer before starting his rampage. "He had shades on". The two victims have not yet been formally named. The day after his 14th birthday, according to another police report, Katz called police to the home because his mother "keeps punishing him by taking away his video games".

by | August 28, 2018 | 18:43

Karl spoke warmly of McCain in a Sunday news segment, saying that the senator was "serving a cause greater than oneself" when he covered McCain's presidential primary campaign against George W. This is a big red flag with Cindy McCain, who, along with having largely unknown personal politics, would not be expected to run again. Presidents normally follow Congress' lead on the death of a prominent lawmaker and order flags lowered until sunset on the day of burial.

by | August 28, 2018 | 18:41

I've known great passions, seen awesome wonders, fought in a war, and helped make a peace. "I made a small place for myself in the story of America and the history of my times". McCain "was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order", said Republican George W. Bush (2001-2009). Salmon, who is now the vice president of government affairs at ASU, said McCain left a bipartisan legacy and established a tradition of putting country over party.

by | August 28, 2018 | 18:40

After a day of ignoring shouted questions about McCain, Trump broke his silence during a gathering of evangelical leaders at the White House on Monday evening. It also contrasted with the flood of heartfelt tributes that came from both Republicans and Democrats, including former president Barack Obama , as well as Trump's own wife Melania Trump, and from foreign leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron.

by | August 28, 2018 | 15:02

Pope Francis has refused to comment on claims by the former Vatican ambassador to the USA that he knew about sex abuse allegations against an American bishop as long ago as 2013. It was the first resignation of a Cardinal in connection with sex abuse claims. "Make no mistake. This is a coordinated attack on Pope Francis ", said an editorial article on the website of the progressive National Catholic Reporter weekly.

by | August 28, 2018 | 13:47

President Donald Trump , who criticized McCain for being taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, said his "deepest sympathies and respect" went out to McCain's family. "The Senate is keeping Cindy [McCain], the McCain family, all John's friends and staff, and the people of Arizona in our prayers at this tremendously hard time".

by | August 28, 2018 | 08:52

The ousting of Malcolm Turnbull ushered in Australia's sixth prime minister in just over a decade, a remarkable record in a stable democracy that's now gone 27 years without a recession, boasting one of the world's highest standards of living.

by | August 27, 2018 | 23:26

That's because Team Trump made a decision to repeat those words verbatim using a typographic template superimposed over a photo not of the late senator, but of one Donald J. "At that time I liked him personally for his toughness and strong stance", he said. That tells you a lot. "I had the great honor and privilege of being in the presence of the late Sen".

by | August 27, 2018 | 23:10

The UN report called for the case to be referred to the International Criminal Court of Justice, according to the BBC . The Security Council should also impose an arms embargo on Myanmar and targeted sanctions against individuals most responsible for crimes.

by | August 27, 2018 | 22:46

A major trade agreement with Mexico may be coming soon, the USA president announced. A contentious proposal by the United States-which would require the almost 25-year-old trade pact be reauthorized every five years-is one that must include all three partners, Guajardo said .

by | August 27, 2018 | 22:42

The couple said people trampled others in the panic to escape. Two men fatally shot during a video game tournament at the Jacksonville Landing have been identified as Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton. The Jacksonville Sheriff's office said 11 other people were wounded by gunfire and at least two others were injured while fleeing the scene of Sunday's shooting .

by | August 27, 2018 | 22:27

China on Saturday lashed out at President Trump for accusing Beijing of not being supportive in efforts to denuclearize North Korea, while South Korea called the US decision to call off a trip to the North by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "unfortunate".

by | August 27, 2018 | 19:38

Vietnam is remembering late Arizona Senator and war veteran John McCain for his role in normalizing relations between the two countries. - The White House flag is no longer flying at half-staff following the death of U.S. Over the past year and a half of his life, McCain was one of President Trump's biggest opponents, appearing to put his beliefs of what he thought was best for America, over partisan politics.

by | August 26, 2018 | 20:58

Mr Heitmann, 18, was travelling southbound in a northbound lane of the Interstate-805 Freeway near San Diego in California when the crash happened about 4.30pm (local time) on Thursday. Eyewitnesses say he was driving at more that 100 miles per hour, heading south on the northbound side of Interstate 805 in San Diego County, when his vehicle ran head-on into the SUV driven by one of the other victims at around 16:30 Thursday.

by | August 26, 2018 | 20:12

Egyptian officials are insisting that a British couple both died of heart failure at a hotel in the north African country, as their daughter demands answers over why. Janine Traviss, from Oldham, England, said she and her partner contracted a stomach bug earlier this month. He said that Mr Cooper had complained of low blood pressure and was treated by the hotel's on-site doctor on the day he died.

by | August 26, 2018 | 18:25

Given the narrowness of the opening on the US side, officials said they believe that narcotics were brought in by pulling ropes. Homeland Security special agent in charge, Scott Brown , said his agency has been seeing an increase in tunnels.

by | August 26, 2018 | 17:56

Ratcliffe said his wife, who has denied all charges filed against her in Iran, was now with her parents and their four-year-old daughter Gabriella in Damavand, a mountain resort near Tehran. Hunt - who recently replaced Boris Johnson, who resigned over the government's faltering Brexit plans - tweeted about the "good news", but stressed that her release should be permanent: "Really good news that Nazanin has been released on furlough, credit to tireless campaigning by husband Richard and ...

by | August 26, 2018 | 14:29

Denitza Blagev, the bad air pollution is affecting all Utahns, whether we feel it or not. This map from B.C. Wildfire Services shows how far smoke from this province is spreading across Canada . The Wildfire Service said about 550 fires were burning in the province, but there weren't many lightning strikes over the weekend and that gave crews a chance to concentrate on some of the 54 blazes that were threatening people or property.

by | August 24, 2018 | 07:25

AfriForum and other critics of the government's proposal to expropriate land without compensation say the policy could lead to economic disaster, pointing to the collapse of the agricultural sector in neighboring Zimbabwe after the government of former President Robert Mugabe began seizing white-owned farms, sometimes violently, in 2000.

by | August 21, 2018 | 16:51

Scores of pilgrims gathered at the holy mosques of Mecca and Medina, early in the day, for Eid prayers. The act commemorates Prophet Abraham's (PBUH) submission to divine order to sacrifice his son, Ismail (PBUH). They will dress in their best clothes and thank Allah for all their blessings, as well as exchange gifts with loved ones. This festival is different to Eid ul Adha , because it marks the end of Ramadan.

by | August 21, 2018 | 16:09

About 1,300 personnel and scores of aircraft and motorboats have been deployed for search and rescue operations, officials said. Relief assistance, including air-dropping food packets and water , is also underway. She went to her husband's parents in another neighbourhood but within a few hours even that was also flooded and they had to be rescued and taken to a relief camp.

by | August 21, 2018 | 08:11

President Trump on Monday took his attacks on the Russian Federation probe being led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in a novel direction, declaring that he could run the investigation himself if he wanted to. "The president encouraged him to testify, is happy that he did, is quite secure that there is nothing in the testimony that will hurt the president", Giuliani said on NBC's " Meet the Press ".

by | August 19, 2018 | 22:40

President Putin arrived at the talks in the Brandenburg castle over half an hour late, after earlier appearing at the wedding of Karin Kneissl, Austria's foreign minister. The US leader has made no secret of American ambitions either, promising during his last whirlwind tour of Europe that Europeans will be buying "vast amounts" of US-produced liquefied natural gas (LNG).

by | August 19, 2018 | 21:52

Manigault Newman , one of the only African-American women to have held a role in the Trump administration, was sacked in December by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly , allegedly for misusing the White House auto service. She has already released several secret audio recordings, including of the meeting in which she was sacked by Kelly. The White House announced that on Monday, Trump will attend a Maryland summit focused on "addressing the positive and negative effects of social ...

by | August 19, 2018 | 20:19

According to the USA, the Afghan government controls about 56 per cent of the country and the Taliban 11 per cent, while the rest of the territory is under dispute. "Everyday we are witnessing deadly attacks in Kabul and other major cities". However, the devastating attacks across the country in recent days have led many to question how such negotiations could move ahead.

by | August 19, 2018 | 17:39

The death toll is expected to rise as more rain and strong winds are predicted on Saturday and Sunday. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, while speaking on the phone with Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan , assured that his state will provide all necessary assistance to Kerala which is facing the worst floods of this century.

by | August 17, 2018 | 22:13

Pakistan's parliament has elected Khan to lead the government. Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan Friday defeated Shahbaz Sharif to become Pakistan's next prime minister after the grand opposition alliance fell apart over the PML-N chief's nomination for the top post.

by | August 17, 2018 | 19:02

Vajpayee was admitted to hospital on June 11 with a kidney tract infection and chest congestion. . It was widely reported that he had suffered a stroke in 2009, which had largely confined him to his New Delhi residence. His peace efforts began with a groundbreaking bus ride to Lahore, Pakistan, in February 1999, where he met with then-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. "Standing before the United States Congress in 2000, he famously characterized US-India ties as a "natural partnership of ...

by | August 17, 2018 | 18:42

The remainder would be absorbed by other agencies and involve security costs. Officials said the plans had not yet been approved by Defence Secretary James Mattis. The Pentagon encouraged the use of wheeled vehicles only, and no tanks to "minimize damage to local infrastructure". However, while Trump talked to France President Emmanuel Macron about how much he enjoyed the event, he said he wanted to do something similar for Fourth of July.

by | August 16, 2018 | 12:20

However, South Korea's presidential Blue House said the summit could be held in mid or late September. And in Iran, another state confronting the U.S. But relations subsequently soured as the North accelerated its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the South elected conservative governments. Senior diplomatic sources told CNN last week that Pyongyang has continually rejected Washington's proposals on denuclearization, calling them "gangster-like".

by | August 16, 2018 | 12:03

Air circulation patterns are bringing in smoke from wildfires in California and OR to the south, Canadian wildfires to the north , and the Maple Fire on the Olympic Peninsula to the west. Avoid driving, when possible. If you have lung disease (including asthma) or heart disease, closely monitor your health and contact your doctor if you have symptoms that worsen.

by | August 16, 2018 | 12:01

In an interview airing Wednesday night with NBC News anchor Lester Holt , Dorsey justified the relatively short suspension for Jones. Twitter is citing Jones for a tweet linking to a live video of Jones talking about "web censorship".

by | August 16, 2018 | 11:21

Heavy rains continued to pound Kerala, in the worst floods in a century. Last week, the gates of the Idukki dam were opened after 26 years to release water that had reached the maximum permissible levels. Red alert was issued for the entire state by Indian Meteorological Department . The State Electricity Board justified the delay stating the purposes of dams were power generation, irrigation, potable water supply and flood management.

by | August 16, 2018 | 11:12

The London Ambulance Service said two people were taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not considered serious. Authorities say detectives have established that the privately-owned Fiesta traveled from Birmingham to London on Monday night, and they're investigating two addresses in Birmingham and one in Nottingham.

by | August 15, 2018 | 23:55

Christine's historic victory tonight is an inspiration to LGBTQ people everywhere, and we are excited to stand behind her and the entire slate of fantastic Democratic nominees in Vermont. "We had a very unexpected event at the end of this campaign that happened", he said . Democrat Tim Walz and Republican Jeff Johnson won nominations Tuesday for the state's open gubernatorial seat.

by | August 15, 2018 | 23:20

Mr Johnson even goes over the head of Whitehall and urges British businesses directly to cut ties with Iran. Ambassador Woody Johnson cautioned there would be trade consequences for Britain, which he described as the closest USA ally, unless it breaks with the European Union and follows Trump in re-imposing sanctions on Tehran.

by | August 15, 2018 | 21:51

The two-year investigation by a grand jury into all but two Pennsylvania dioceses turned up dozens of witnesses and half a million pages of church records containing "credible allegations against over three hundred predator priests". Cardinal Wuerl has rejected the allegations insisting he had tried to stop the abuse. The Vatican declined to comment Tuesday. Among those accused of brushing the abuse under the carpet is the current archbishop of Washington DC, Cardinal Donald Wuerl .

by | August 15, 2018 | 21:15

Calk wanted it to close". Manafort was on Trump's campaign team from March to August 2016, starting as a delegate-wrangler and serving as campaign chairman in the last three months. Closing arguments will begin next, followed by jury deliberations. After two weeks of testimony and more than two dozen witnesses taking the stand as special counsel Robert Mueller's team laid out their case, the prosecution wrapped up their arguments Monday.

by | August 13, 2018 | 20:12

The mother refused to let go for more than moments at a time , pushing the carcass along or holding its tail in her teeth in waters off the West Coast. Researchers with the Canadian and U.S. governments and other organisations tracked her all the while, the Seattle Times wrote. The calf is believed to have died the same day.

by | August 13, 2018 | 19:26

Earlier this week, a Turkish delegation returned from Washington with no movement on the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson, who is under house arrest in Turkey on terrorism charges. Adding to emerging market currency woes was the Russian ruble, which weakened to 67.6825 to the dollar. "Our relations with Turkey are not good at this time! " he added .

by | August 13, 2018 | 19:00

Newman told NBC's Chuck Todd she has "no regret" over her recording and if she hadn't made it "people would still believe the false, incredible story that I was running around the White House ... He first took the opportunity to have a dig at the media at the room asking "does everybody like the press?" which was met with a chorus of booing.